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Real force vectors right at the pedal. Our GUI helps to visualize what really happens at the pedal hundreds of times per revolution in REAL time. Visualize, record and analyze with new and unique data that define the real effective force ratio of the rider by taking into account the radial and tangential forces at the pedal. Truly define real power on the pedal.


The effective force ratio is the net resultant force sum of tangential forces on the crank on the left and right side. All effective forces are measured and displayed independently in the left and right crank arms, combining to provide a clear picture of the effective force ratio.
With this objective tool, the fitter can confidently analyze and identify potential problems or imbalances. The fitter can provide direction to improve pedaling effectiveness by modifying cleat setup, insole function, bike fit.


The force measurement on the pedal axis is an average of the load distance distributed over the pedal axle through a 360 degree pedal revolution from the pedal center. This information can objectively help in improving the foot shoe pedal interface and substantially increase foot stability and balance on the bike. By objectively improving good pedal mechanics, the fitter can create the for a successful fit session.


When we set out to define the toolset engineered by Shimano Dynamics Lab, these were a few of the stand out priorities we wanted to achieve. We delivered. At Shimano, we recognize the need for world class technology delivered and wrapped in simplicity.
Each intuitive tool was thoughtfully developed and evolved from understanding the needs of the end user, the bicycle dealer with minimal bike fitting knowledge, all the way to an advanced level cycling analyst.
We take world class hardware, powerful software, combined with legendary Shimano expertise and decades of knowledge to simplify and demystify the bike fitting process for the dealer and consumer alike.

Pedal Analysis

3D Pedaling Analyzer

Our 3D Pedaling Analyzer is industry leading. Visualize real time left and right pedaling forces in 3 dimensions to deliver effective force ratio and braking loss data. This new and unique information guides the fitter to analyze and improve pedaling performance of the rider. REAL power for the fitter.

Position Simulator