UCI to use bikefitting.com’s new rapid-test bike measurement jig

Mobile jig allows the UCI to check bikes quickly and accurately for compliance with UCI Regulations before individual road, track and para-cycling events.

With its reputation for high quality, accurate and efficient bike fitting tools and systems, bikefitting.com was approached by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) to create a new bike measurement jig enabling UCI Commissaires to establish whether bikes meet the UCI Regulations for use in competitive cycling events.

To ensure riders are using safe set-ups there are a number of rules on the geometry of their bikes, particularly for the individual time trial on the road and team pursuit on the track. These regulations largely centre on how far forward or stretched out the riding position is, both of which make it more difficult for the bike to be controlled. For example, article 1.3.013 of the UCI Regulations states “The peak of the saddle shall be a minimum of 5 cm to the rear of a vertical plane passing through the bottom bracket spindle” and article 1.3.023 states “The distance between the vertical line passing through the bottom bracket axle and the extremity of the handlebar may not exceed 75 cm.”

Testing is often carried out immediately prior to the race start, so a fast and simple system is paramount to a smooth operation and safe race, which is important to the UCI, riders, teams and race organisers.

The jig created by bikefitting.com allows the user, often a Commissaire, to quickly and accurately check that a bike falls within the allowable parameters.

Harnessing the tried and trusted technologies of their bike fitting systems, bikefitting.com uses software that creates algorithms from entered data. The laser box on the jig quickly measures the bike and its angles, the algorithm determines whether or not the rider’s position is compliant with the UCI Regulations, and a colour indication is given. The whole process takes around thirty seconds.

Michael Rogers, UCI Head of Road and Innovation said, ”Pre-race bike checks are essential for the safety of riders, but they can produce moments of stress if not carried out in optimal conditions. The UCI is therefore delighted by this partnership with bikefitting.com which has developed a bike measurement jig that is accurate, fast and reliable.”

The system is accessible and reliable, instilling confidence in the user and the riders and teams whose bikes are assessed. The jig will not only be available to the UCI, but also to bikefitting.com dealers and customers - such as bike fitting services or professional teams and National Federations - who wish to benefit from fast and effective regulation compliance testing.

The new bikefitting.com jig will be available from 16/05/2022 via the UCI and bikefitting.com distributors and will first be seen in use at the individual time trial in the Giro d’Italia on 07/05/2022.


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