Depending on which of our services you require, it can take between 1 minute and a few hours and provide you with a simple personalized advice on the best bike size, recommended changes to improve your comfort,  a specific diagram of the optimal personal set up for a particular bike, or deliver a detailed report on your pedaling stroke.

Bike Sizing

Find out exactly what size bike you need 

Changing frame geometries, different body dimensions and personal preferences make it increasingly more complicated to choose the correct size bike. With bikes becoming more advanced and expensive it is therefor crucial that you purchase the correct sized bike so that you have the right basis to determine your ideal set up and position through one of our fitting services. 

Buy the right size bike. 

Get your saddleheight right. 

Ride with confidence.

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Shoe Cleat Adjustment

Make sure that your shoe cleats are set up correctly

A good cycling position starts with the correct positioning of the feet on the pedals and it is therefore extremely important that the cleats are properly adjusted so that the feet can move around the pedals in the most natural, efficient and comfortable way. When purchasing new shoes or replacing your cleats, it is therefore very important that the cleats are properly adjusted so that your foot is not too far forward or backward on the pedal and your foot is not forced into an unnatural position while cycling. 

No dead feet
Fewer injuries
Improved efficiency

Saddle Selection

Find out what saddle suits your needs best

Our Saddle Selector accurately measures your sit bone width and combines this with your flexibility and preferred riding position to advise the most appropriate saddle. Using the correct saddle for you, will reduce the chance of saddle sores, pain or injuries, whilst also allowing you to pedal more efficiently.

Buy the correct saddle
No more saddle sores
Increased riding experience

Complete Fit

Get position advice based on your personal needs

A Complete Fit will measure 8 key body dimensions. Based on those metrics, our unique algorithm, your preferences and our experience of having completed more than 1,5 million of those measurements, we then provide you with a full bike diagram of your suggested bike set up no matter if it’s a mountain bike, commute or road bike. It will take all the guess work out of your bike set up and can be used to optimize your position on a current bike or guide the purchase of a new one to ensure you get the right model, size and set up for your requirements.

More comfort
Ensure the correct set up
Buy the correct bike

Dynamic Fit

Finetune your position based on in motion data 

A Dynamic Fit with our 3D Motion Analysis camera equipment will measure multiple key parameters whilst riding and analyzes the effect of various changes to your position on those key metrics. A trained fitter will advise on adjusting your position in a way that allows you to optimize those metrics specific to your riding style whilst improving your overall comfort.

Increased performance
Optimised riding experience
Improve your position

Pedaling Analysis

Improve your efficiency

Our 3D Pedaling Analyzer, operated by a trained fitter, can provide you with all the detail you need from your pedaling stroke to allow you to make additional adjustments to your cycling position or get some pointers on how you can focus your training to improve your pedaling dynamics. With our Pedaling Analysis report, you will receive a full analysis of your pedaling stroke, balance between left and right, and pedaling efficiency with additional tips on how you can optimize these metrics further through training or additional finetuning of your position.

Improved efficiency
Maximize performance
Optimize comfort levels

Bike Adjustment

Ensure that your bike fit advice is correctly transfered to your bike

After a bike fit it is of course essential that your bike gets set up in line with the advice that follows from the bike fit. Our Bike Adjuster can do this with laser precision as it relies on precise XY coordinates relative to the bottom bracket, so that your position can be precisely replicated between bikes regardless of the different geometry that bikes might have.

Implement your position advice
Align set up between different bikes
Same set up for different geometries