Rick de With of LeBlanc BikeFit has been interested in the position on the bike since he was 15 and often gave advice to other cyclists until he decided to tackle it professionally in 2019. He went on to follow various courses that also included the various training courses from bikefitting.com. In addition, he also completed training to become a better bike mechanic at the Innovam to improve his technical knowledge.

Rick now has a studio in Spijk (near Gorinchem) that is furnished as a kind of "bikefit living room" because it must also be a "party" for the customer to go through a session. In the center of the room is the 3D Pedaling Analyzer with a laser to measure the bike. The space is functionally furnished with a changing room, coffee corner with meeting table and a section for the assembly and conversion of bicycles. Everything revolves around the bike with a wide range of saddles, handlebars, stems, handlebar tape and grips. To top it off there are some nice bikes from J.Guillem, Argon18 and Cinelli. This is mainly for the inspiration of the customer, but custom sales are also going well.

LeBlanc BikeFit offers the following services:

  • Shoe Cleat Adjustment: this is a fixed part of the bike fit or can be offered separately on request.
  • Saddle Selection: with saddles from Pro, Prologo, Fizik, BBB and Gebiomized
  • Complete Fit: this is offered as part of the LeBlanc Basic package which includes a static measurement, cleat adjustment and a short test on the 3D Pedaling Analyzer.
  • Dynamic Fit: this is part of the LeBlanc Plus package. In addition to the measurements of the Basic package, an extensive dynamic analysis is also done here and advice is given on (custom) insoles
  • Pedaling Analysis: as part of the LeBlanc Pro package, in addition to the measurements of the Plus package, a pedal/power analysis is also performed with the 3D Pedaling Analyzer.

The 3D Pedaling Analyzer is invariably used in the sales process because it allows the customer to be shown the various options and that with the help of the laser, measurements can be made accurately to the mm. For advanced cyclists, the pedal and power analysis is definitely a plus.

LeBlanc BikeFit's customer base is very diverse. Recently, a lot of beginners have visited his studio, where next to a bike fit, they will often also be guided on their kit and training, which gives a great customer connection. Of course the more competitive, sportive, road race, triathlete and mountainbiker also find its way to Rick’s studio in Spijk!

During Rick’s first year in 2020 it was sometimes difficult due to the Corona restrictions and lockdowns, but he has come out on the other side and is now very happy with the number of customers he attracts and how the bike fitting sessions are working for his customers. This gives him a lot of confidence that he’s on the right track and that many successful fits will follow.

Rick is regularly told how his bike fits have improved the cycling pleasure and performance of his customers. Customers who have sometimes suffered from certain complaints for years can now cycle pain-free for the first time after receiving advice about, for example, cleats, wedges and insoles. The advice Rick gives when purchasing a new or first (racing) bicycle is also very much appreciated and thus ensures the ultimate customer experience.

LeBlanc BikeFit uses his website, Instagram, Facebook and Google to promote his studio and actively asking customers for good reviews helps him in to find new customers and improve the experience of the studio and the bike fitting process. You can follow Rick’s studio on www.leblancbikefit.nl and @leblancbikefit via Instagram en Facebook.

Rick ultimately has 3 tips for his fellow bike fitters to optimize the customer experience.

  • Take the time for a bike fit and provide aftercare, which creates a bond with the customer and will certainly lead to sales.
  • Offer a bike fit update after a certain period of time. Many clients think that a single fit is enough, but the client's or body's goals may change after a period of time.
  • Pay more attention to the positioning of the cleats, insoles and wedges, this can really make a big difference for many cyclists.